Mein Equipment / my gear

my recording gear:

  • recording software: Cubase 4.0
  • audio/midi interface: Edirol UA 25
  • drumsgeneration: Boss DR-880
  • Keyboard and second audio/midi interface: Line 6 KB 37 with software reason adapted and podfarm 2
  • mics: Shure SM58 and PG 57
  • monitoring: Edirol MA-10D, AKG Studio-Monitor K240DF

my musical gear:

  • guitars: Suhr classic antique in sonic blue,  Suhr Standard Pro in bengal burst, Ibanez Artstar semiacoustic (as played by John Scofield), Martin OM John Mayer with LR baggs anthem SL pick up.
  • bass: Fender Squier bass
  • amps: Mesa Boogie Mini rectifier head, Fender 65 deluxe reverb, Fishman loudbox 600 for acoustic instruments and LR baggs preamp/DI box, bass amp: Harley Benton 80B 
  • effects: distortion effect: Suhr Riot and Fulltone OCD, Chorus: Strymon ola, Delay: Strymon brigadier, Wah-wah: Ernie Ball (Steve Vai version) and Dunlop Cry baby EVH
  • cabs: Mesa Boogie 2x12 V30 and Mesa Boogie thiele compact box
  • mididevice: non
  • cables:  vovox-speaker-cables, monster instrument-cables

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